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Abha Saxena, the founder of Market Access Consulting is an industry veteran with over two decades of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, Abha brings to the table a formidable combination of Business and Leadership. Her experience spans across business roles and geographies. She has held leadership positions in the best corporate names in the past. Abha has successfully managed business roles like Country Head – Germany for Sonata Software and Head – Microsoft BU for Mindlance apart from Key Account Management & CSR leadership roles at Aditya Birla IT.


Why Market Access?
We can work miracles and you can achieve more.

Market Access Consulting is a consulting organization providing services in marketing support to small and growing IT/ITES organization, CSR consulting to mid and large corporate and operational support to NGOs and social organizations. Market Access Consulting was founded by Abha Saxena in the early 2009, about the time when recession had hit the industry and cost reduction had forced organizations to reduce the size of their marketing teams. It was even tougher for small and medium organizations who just could not afford investment in marketing professionals. At the same time large corporates as well as SMEs both realized the need for strategic marketing inputs; this is where they found the idea of outsourced marketing very attractive. Companies would get the benefits of a marketing professional without investing in the full-time resource and pay only for the services utilized.


We canMarket Access Consulting (MAC) provides you with complete outsourced marketing solutions – be it planning and strategy, new business enabler services or customer retention. This means a smaller investment for larger returns. No amount of capital resources seems enough for a start-up company and we provide that bang for your buck without really robbing you of it. When you hire us, we provide you with in-depth third person perspective on your product and design. Such insights often get lost in translation when you are focused bringing your company to the forefront.


Work miracles… As a company poised to take a step forward, you may want to concentrate on the development of your product. To do that, market research is vital. We take on this task for you and provide you with an analysis that will take your product/service to the next level. We move beyond contextual selling and ensure that you have a larger clientele base soon enough. We tap every medium of communication, as fragmented as it is today.


And you can… While we take care of the ground work for you, there are several other aspects that you can tend to. For one, better utilization of the financial resources you have saved. You will also be able to hit the market personally and touch the pulse of the consumer. This is essential for the innovation of your product and services. With advice from MAC, you will soon find a stabilized foothold in the market.


Achieve more…Once your marketing machinery is in place, we hand over a well oiled department to you. Of course, we are always available to help fine tune it or add to it as your company grows. Whether in India or in Germany, MAC aims at being your stepping stone to success.


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