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Customer Speak.
“It is a pleasure to be associated with Abha who is so motivated and determined to help our cause that is often neglected by society. With her involvement and assistance, ASHA is sure to reach new heights. I look forward to this association with her. “
Jayashree Ramesh, Trustee, ASHA (Academy for Severe Handicap and Autism)

Operational Support for not-for-profit and foundations


Non-governmental/not-for-profit/ social organizations are the agencies that act as gap fillers in service delivery of the governments. Founded by the people who are very passionate about a certain issue, the very existence of an NGO depends on bringing the social change and impacting the communities positively.


Such organizations face diverse operational issues

  • The paramount issue is of funds, as the not-for-profit organizations heavily depend on donations from individuals, corporate and government funding agencies.

  • NGOs cannot afford to hire many people and most of the time few people don several hats and fulfill multiple responsibilities, hence they are highly depended on the volunteers.

  • Mostly there is lack of awareness about the good work being done by an NGO in the society. This has a ripple effect on attracting donors and volunteers alike.

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NGOs neither have the bandwidth nor the professional experience to overcome these challenges. This is where MAC can come to their rescue. MAC’s operational support services include:


Fund raising strategies For a non-profit, as the name suggests are in business for ‘no profit’. Their main focus generally remains on supporting the cause. But the fact is that the ability of a nonprofit organization to achieve its mission is directly related to its ability to raise funds. In other words, regardless of who you help, you can’t do it without funding. They must have a continuous source of inflow of the funds; hence a structure approach to fundraising is very important for them. MAC can work along with you and devise fundraising strategies, design effective fundraising campaigns, and develop plans to execute fundraising campaigns, basically provide tools to NGOs to raise funds from range of sources (to raise individuals, corporate and funding agencies etc.)


Donor management Donors are the most important entity in a NGOs space of work. Identifying, attracting, retaining and managing donors can be a humungous and daunting task that needs to be done well. As the donor base grows it become very difficult to individually keep in touch with all the donors. It is a difficult manage the donors base well – sending periodic updates about the NGO, inviting them to attend events, sending thank you mails etc. Most NGOs suffer from this issue. They might have a huge donor base, but they do not know how to manage it well so that they have a continuous source of funding. MAC can help you develop a structured and effective donor management system to enable you to keep in touch with your donors on a continuous basis.


Volunteer management NGO largely function on the goodwill of volunteers. People volunteer either they feel very strongly about the cause or to fulfill a desire of self actualization. A happy and fulfilled volunteer is like a magnet that will attract like-minded people to volunteer their time and services to your organization. Hence it is very important to engage volunteers in the most effective way. Creative volunteer management is vital to a nonprofit's health and welfare MAC can help you develop a robust volunteer management program that will help you leverage the skills of each individual volunteer in the most optimum manner. We can help you develop program to employ volunteers with right skills to the right job, develop training programs, assigning and supervising work schedules etc.


Communication & awareness building It is very important for the survival of an NGO that the society is aware of the good work they are doing. What is the use of supporting a good cause if you are not able to garner attention and have more people come forward to support it. This awareness is not only important for the beneficiaries that the help is available but also helps attract donors and volunteers alike. MAC can help you develop awareness building campaigns to attract volunteers and donors. MAC can also build communication programs to report the success of their program among communities and the friends of the NGOs (donors and volunteers). We can develop communication and awareness programmers that related specifically to diverse target audiences - communities, peers (other NGOs), volunteers, donors, government agencies.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) tools and Techniques An NGO also needs to be accountable and transparent in all its activities. We help you develop monitoring & evaluation (M&E) tools and functions that will ensure smooth sailing functioning. These tools will allow program-managers as well as key stakeholders receive regular feedback.


Facilitate use of technology for improved productivityTechnology if used in the right way can be extremely useful in streamlining work at NGOs. We help you decide on the modes of technology to be used and how they can be best implemented. This can be at every level of working as well as in communication.


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