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Customer Speak
'I find Abha’s ability to help entrepreneurs focus their ideas and experiences onto target markets with appropriate messaging very helpful'
Thomas Paracal, Business Head, StylusFMS

Enabling smooth German-India business Collaboration


If a German company is exploring possibilities of leveraging Indian IT industry, by collaborating with an Indian IT/ITES provider and looking for professional assistance from an Indian company that also understands German IT scene well, then you are at the right place, Market Access Consulting can help you overcome the usual entry barriers and jointly we can transform the cultural stumbling blocks into the building blocks of your success. Market Access Consulting (MAC) is your one-stop route to setting shop and tying up with Indian IT companies for mutual benefits. What’s more interesting is that this works both ways. MAC also helps Indian companies who are interested in setting up base in Germany.



What Market Access Consulting can do?

As an international company, you can appreciate the fact that setting base in a foreign country needs local expertise. A company that understands German styles of working and requirements is an added bonus. For any international company making an entry into India involves going through several protocols which may seem strange. We help facilitate your smooth entry. Any cultural differences you find, we help you convert that into a means of growth. MAC analyzes each company, its requirements and then chooses an IT partner to best further your prospects facilitate you and your staff’s, inter-cultural competencies and help you develop a successful partnership to explore the new business horizons.

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